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The class codes work like this:

11ATPF = Year 11, AT = the subject, in this case "Art", PF = course, in this case "Portfolio".


ATPF / ART - Art and Art Portfolio (Mrs. Bungard)

Year 11 LINK (code 2wjsq46)

Year 12 LINK (code hze6da6)

Year 13 LINK (code lflqn3c)

DR - DRAMA (Matua)

MU - MUSIC (Ms. Pierre)

Classroom LINK (code zddpyfp)

(There are also individual Classrooms - contact me)

English, Language and Media Studies

ENES - Essential English (Miss. Hart)

ENES - Essential English (Mrs. Eames)

ENGC - Creative English (Mrs. Eames)

MSFF - Media Studies Film Fest (Mrs. Eames)

ENBU - English Be an Upstander (Miss. Hart)

ESOL (Miss. Hart)


MAES - Essential Maths (Mr. Aberhart)

MAES - Essential Maths (Mr. Sejwal)

Classroom LINK (code p2pzjho )


MAMO - Money Money

Classroom LINK (code p2pzjho)


Physical Education and Outdoor Education

PE - Senior Physical Education (Mr. Sinclair)

PEOE - Outdoor Education (Miss. Cowie)


PHPW - Physics (Mrs. Wish)

SCIS - Investigative Science (Mrs. Whaley)

SCTS - Trades Science (Mr. Gilling)

BILW- Biology Living World (Mrs. Whaley)

CHMW - Chemistry (Mrs. Lata)

Social Sciences

GEFO - Geography Food & Nutrition (Mrs. Nelson)

Year 11 LINK (code 5zufesk)

Year 12 LINK (code d4vzhwq)

Year 13 LINK (code lmqaz3j)

GEUL- Geography (Mrs. Nelson)

Year 11 LINK (code 5zufesk)

Year 12 LINK (code d4vzhwq)

Year 13 LINK (code lmqaz3j)

HINZ - History of New Zealand (Mrs. Butler)

HTPI - Horticulture (Mrs. Nelson)

Year 11 LINK (code pofk45a)

Year 12 LINK (code q5z4hkx)

Year 13 LINK (code lliwyzg)


DTMX - Matrix (Mr. Walker)

DTFC - Food Channel (Mr. Walker)

MTFF - Materials Tech (Mrs. Bungard)

Year 11 LINK (code 5ndllox)

Year 12 LINK (code 3dmspgz)

Year 13 LINK (code bwle64k)

FTSM - Food Tech (Mrs. Bungard)

Year 11 LINK (code ngpdl5u)

Year 12 LINK (code b4wpjam)

Year 13 LINK (code zc67cl2) Year 13 HE LINK (code powmp3)

TEMA - Technology (Mr. Stevens)

TETR - Transport (Mr. Stevens)

Vocational Pathways and Careers

VP - Vocational Pathways (Mrs. Ferguson)

Year 11 Link (code x75k5ys)

Year 12 Link (code ldqypb2)

Year 13 Link (code 4m7ldnu)

Careers (Mrs. Ferguson)