Welcome to the home learning site for 78RD & SS. (Google Classroom code: 22nevpe)

Students should be:

  • Checking their email each day.

  • Checking the google classroom each day: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/MzI0ODU0NzI4MDJa

  • Completing the set activities. Tasks include Country Study, Mathematics and Writing.

  • Reading can be completed by either reading a book at home, using Epic or Read Theory (please email if you require the student login).

  • We are live during the day to answer any questions on chat: https://chat.google.com/room/AAAATjJ7Shg

  • Following along with their other subjects:



RD with Mrs. Lata

SS with Mr. Simpson and Ms. Whaley

YR7 Options

Māori with Matua

French with Ms. Hart

YR8 Options

Digital Tech with Mr. Walker